Luck E Strike RC STX Jerkbait

So over the past few weekends we have had a lot of success throwing a lot of different crankbaits, specifically the RC STX Jerkbait and the Strike King Red Eye Shad. Brayden got into some good spotted bass on Lake Norman throwing the Jerkbait. This was our first time throwing the RC Jerkbait and we really liked it. The colors worked great for Lake Norman and the bait had great action and the spotted bass couldn’t resist it, and it’s pretty cheap. This past weekend I was fishing at a pond and actually filming for Bass Brigade’s #moveinsilencecontest (which I plan on winning :)). I had a lot of success throwing the Warbaits swimjig and drop-shotting. I was about to leave and I decided to throw my rattletrap because I was getting chased on the swimjig, and because I have caught some big bass on this pond on a rattletrap before. So on about my 5th cast I hung into something (sidenote: this pond is notorious for big bass. A 21 pound largemouth was caught in released in this pond. I have seen the pics), my first thought was, “Please let this be the huge one!” Of course it never is, but I was still excited to catch about a 5 pounder (I weighed her). When throwing either one of these baits do not be afraid to keep throwing in the same spot, especially if you know there is some type of structure underneath. I threw the rattle trap over the same pipe 5 times before I got bit, because I knew there was grass there and a huge pipe…which they seem to sit on in that pond. I would highly recommend either one of these baits.

Bass Brigade’s #moveinsilencecontest

This is my entry for Bass Brigade’s #moveinsilencecontest. The winner gets all sorts of great gear from Magnum Boots, Phenix Rods and Bass Brigade apparel. Wish me luck.


North Carolina Lunker by Larry McCausland (Bass Brigade – East Coast)

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